Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the best age to start Let's Make Music School Music and Movement classes?

A great time to start classes is in utero. For babies, a good age is about 3 months. You are welcome to bring babies even younger. Your baby might sleep through class, but the adult with the child learns things to do with the baby and baby feels the movement and beat while the adult is doing the activities.

2. Can I bring more than one child per adult?

Of course. Siblings are 1/2 price (siblings 6 months and under are free), and twins and triplets are welcome to come with one caregiver. You are welcome to have more than one adult come as well. Most of the time there are 2 teachers at each class, and we love to help in any way we can.

3. Are there any "make-ups"?

Since we now only teach one day a week, we cannot offer make-ups. We're always willing to work with you for emergency situations.

4. If relatives or friends are visiting, can they come to class?

Yes, adult relatives are welcome to join you at class. If there are children under 5, you can usually bring them and just pay a one time class fee for the visiting children.

5. Do you have classes during the summertime?

Unfortunately, we don't hold classes during the summertime. We have been teaching our classes for 34 years and now have other activities that occupy our summers, e.g. visiting grandchildren, travel, music conventions and workshops.