What's Been Going On at LMMS and What's in the Future

Summer 2014

ECMMA International Convention "Grow in Harmony" was held in Atlanta, Georgia and Sharon & Marlys attended.
We came away with many new ideas and teaching techniques.
Prominent Early Childhood Music Specialists were the presenters:
John Feierabend, First Steps in Music & Conversational Solfege
Ken Guilmartin, Music Together
Jill Hannagan, Musikgarten
Lynn Kleiner, Music Rhapsody
Carol Penney, Kindermusik
Suzi Tortora, Board Certified Dance Movement Therapist

Summer 2012

ECMMA International Convention "HEAR - FEEL - MOVE - SING!" was held in Green Lake, Wisconsin and Sharon & Marlys attended.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Edwin E. Gordon, noted Music Education Researcher & Theorist

Feature Sessions: Terry Boyarsky, Jill Trinka, Petra Kern, Cynthia Taggart, Craig Woodson

Summer 2010

Its not that nothings been going on since 2004 when I last updated this page, but more like so much has been going on, I haven't gotten around to the updates!
The latest event that Sharon and Marlys attended was the ECMMA International Convention in August of 2010, in warm and sunny Kansas! So much wonderful information was presented about the benefits of music for children and how the brain develops. We recommend books by Jane Healy, who was the keynote presenter at the Convention. We'll be using a lot of that information as we continually "tweak" our lesson plans.

Summer 2004

Early Childhood Music and Movement Association (ECMMA) Certification

July 2004

Sharon Mello and Marlys West received Level III Certification from ECMMA

"The Early Childhood Music and Movement Association (ECMMA) views teacher certification as a process of continued growth in knowledge concerning music and movement. It provides a fair, systematic method of teacher recognition; encourages continued participation in conventions, workshops, seminars and other training events; and encourages the growth of professional skills and abilities. Certification also assists teachers in self-evaluation, provides a means for feedback from parents of their classes, and helps assure the general public of teachers’ credentials. To this end, three levels of certification are offered." (Level III being the highest level certified.) (www.ECMMA.org)

What is ECMMA?

"The Early Childhood Music & Movement Association is an organization of professional educators dedicated to the ideal that all children should be given the advantage of music and movement instruction in their formative years--from birth to age seven. The organization is for all teachers of young children, whether they teach in formal or informal, public or private settings."

ECMMA National Convention, June 2004, North Carolina

June 2004: At the ECMMA National Convention Sharon Mello became the new ECMMA 2nd Vice President for 2004-2006

One of her main jobs is to plan the National ECMMA Convention to be held in the San Diego area August 3-6, 2006.

American Orff Schulwerk Association National (AOSA) Convention 2004

November 2004: Marlys and Sharon just returned from attending and working at the AOSA National Conference in Long Beach
It was a very successful gathering of almost 2000 music teachers from all over the world.

September 2002

New Location, New Classes, New Opportunities

Baby Sign Language for Parents!
Larry Himmel at Let's Make Music
Let's Make Music sponsored Jack Grunsky at the Museum of Making Music
Free Videos were given out at Open House in April


We have great fun with our Sign Language for Parents classes
If you would like us to schedule more classes, please let us know
This class is for parents to learn ASL to teach their babies. Learn signs and songs to help you teach your baby!

On Wed. Feb 20,2002 Larry Himmel came to LMMS to film our non-walking baby class. See it all, even the video, on the KFMB website (scroll to the bottom to Local 8 Special Features, then click on Larry Himmel)

Many thanks to JACK GRUNSKY and all who attended the wonderful concert at the Museum of Making Music
We will soon have pictures on the site of all the great fun

If you missed our open house and the free Sesame Street Music Works video, please give us a call, come by and visit and let us explain to you about the importance of early music education and receive a video.

The year 2000 brought exciting additions to the Poway studio.
One of which is the Banjo and Friends Mural.
The main wall in the studio was painted by Dennis Strand of Mural Magic.
In addition, the bathroom walls were painted by Sandra Marshall and Teresa Mello.

Sandra paints the wall
Sandra Marshall hard at work. (January 2000)

Close-up of the butterflies and Banjo!
Nice picture of the butterflies and mini Banjo!.
The walls look great.

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