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Let's Make Music School
Celebrating 35 years of Music and Movement Fun
for Children from birth to 5 years!

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It has been one of the greatest joys of our lives to have the privilege of teaching music and movement to so many children over the last 35 years. Today is a momentous day for us as we retire from teaching weekly classes. We cannot thank everyone enough for the support and encouragement we have been given. We also want to thank everyone at the Carmel Mountain Ranch Recreation center for the last 17 years.
But we will not totally disappear!

Please join us at the Rancho Bernardo Library on the 4th Friday of most months at 10:30 a.m. This is a free class and we hope many of our old friends and many new ones will join us.

We will be happy to return to teaching
as soon as the libraries re-open. I have added more contracted dates starting in July
Hopefully we will see you soon. Stay safe and happy.
The schedule for the coming year is listed below. If you have been in our classes in the past and would like to send us any memories or thoughts about your experiences with us, and updates about your children and pictures, we would love it. We consider everyone part of our extended family. Please send to LMMS@juno.com

Please join us at the Rancho Bernardo Library for a free class
from 10:30-11:00 a.m. on the following dates:
2019: Friday June 28, Friday September 27, Friday October 25,
Friday November 22, Thursday December 19.
2020: These are all Fridays: January 24, February 28, March 27,
April 24, and May 22, July 24,
August 28, September 25, October 23, and more dates as they become available.

with Let's Make Music

$75 for 6 weeks
January 8, 2019 to February 12, 2019
9:30 Class #56574
10:30 Class #56575

$75 for 6 weeks
March 5 to April 9
9:30 Class #58717
10:30 Class #58718

$63 for 5 weeks
April 23 to May 21
9:30 Class #58719
10:30 Class #58720

Online and in person registration
is open

Rec Center phone number: 858-538-8100

First time families and visitors:
Please print the required Family Information Form
and bring to the first class.
Teachers have the form if you forget!

Music and Movement for under 5's

Mixed age classes

Birth to 5 Years

Times: 9-30 and 10-30
45 minute classes
LOCATION: Carmel Mt Ranch Rec Center
10152 Rancho Carmel Dr. SD 92128
Phone: 858-538-8100
(off the I-15/Ted Williams Parkway exit, across from Oggi's Pizza)

January 8 - February 12:
6 week session - $75
SPRING 2019 Session #1
March 5 - April 9
6 week session - $75
SPRING 2019 Session #2
April 23 - May 21
5 week session - $63
Please bring Family Information Form to first class

Register at www.SDRecConnect.com

1/2 price Sibling discount
cannot be applied online
To guarantee your spot
register first child online and
register sibling when you
have a chance to go in person

Sibling discount: 1/2 price
Sibling discount cannot
be applied online.
To guarantee a spot
register 1st child online
and register sibling
when you can go
in person.

When visiting
Use class numbers or
Lets Make Music School with no apostrophe to search for class online
Register: WINTER 2019
9:30 class #56574
10:30 class #56575
9:30 class #58717
10:30 class #58718
9:30 class #58719
10:30 class #58720

The Rec Center now accepts credit cards!!! Both online and onsite.
Questions: please contact teachers:
858-484-2287 LMMS@juno.com

We welcome parents, grandparents,
care givers, relatives to attend classes.
Classes must have a minimum of 5 students.
We reserve the right to cancel or combine classes if minimum is not met.
Schedule and prices subject to change.

Register Online or in person
Siblings are 1/2 price.
Please register sibling in person to receive discount
Siblings 6 months and under are free
Want to try a class? Please bring $13 cash (exact change appreciated). You can usually just show up to try a class.

As our description suggests (music and movement) we expect that children will be active and curious.


We learn new songs, explore instruments and move creatively,
which all contributes to developing language, balance, coordination,
impulse control, social and learning skills and much, much more.

We use many rhythm instruments, scarves, streamers, hoops, puppets, books,
parachute and more to help children and caregivers explore their musical world.
Age appropriate activities are fun for all and each child will interpret
each activity in their own special way.

All children, from infants to 5 year-olds and their caregivers,
are invited to JOIN us for this fun and active class.


PLAY a wide variety of rhythm instruments
CREATE with props-- such as hoops, scarves, bean bags, parachute
EXPLORE and develop children's natural musicality
DANCE helps with impulse control, balance, coordination, expressiveness
MUSICplay aids in language development, reading, math and social skills

Website for Carmel Mt. Ranch/Sabre Springs Recreation Center
Carmel Mt PROGRAM GUIDE is available by clicking
the "Program Guide" link on the right frame of their website

We have 8 five star reviews on YELP.
Their automated software has decided the reviews are not recommended.
You can read them on Yelp if you scroll down on Yelp's page and click on their link.
I have copied them here.

Janice T. 9/21/2017 Sharon and Marlys both love music and children! It is obvious in the care they take to prepare the materials and in their patience with all of the little ones. Music is so important in our lives and with less and less of it being offered in schools, it is great to have this music school available!

Patricia H. 9/14/2017 Children in these classes are actively involved with a variety of instruments. The teachers are very talented and know how to make the classes fun. Other classes I have been to don't begin to compare.

Sasha P. 8/23/2017 We love this music class! My boys both attended these music classes for several years, one starting when he had just turned 1 until he started kindergarten, and one starting when he was 4 months old (and actually even before that, since he was there with me when I was pregnant with him!) until he started kindergarten. My boys love music, and they have gotten so much out of these classes. What I love most is how interactive the classes are. Parents/caregivers are just as involved as the children, and it's a wonderful opportunity for parents/caregivers to interact with their children in a fun and meaningful way. The great teachers and wonderful people we have met make this class feel like family to us. :)

Jessica R. 8/22/2017 We have been taking our oldest since he was three months old and I have always been impressed with the quality of the teachers, music, and instruments. This class is great for babies and even older kids. The teachers genuinely care about the kids and they teach music through play and exploration. My son races out the door when he knows it's music class day because he can't wait to get there. I really enjoy being there too! All in all it's a great experience and a worthwhile class.

Barb S. 8/22/2017 My 3 grandchildren just love the teachers, Sharon and Marlys! They are extremely aware, patient and organized helping them express themselves during class with musical instruments, song and dancing props. Their education and training shows! They have brought out the best in my special needs grandson, who responds wonderfully to beat and rhythm. They taught me how early childhood music education promotes brain development in a way that nothing else does. My oldest grandson still remembers his teachers fondly and how much fun he had. Try the class out! You will be happy you did. My husband just added "fantastic" - passionate about music!

Paloma P. 8/21/2017 My kids just LOVE going to music class with Ms. Sharon and Ms. Marlys! My 5 year old (who started when she was 5 months) will be in kinder this fall and my 2 year old will be joining the fun this upcoming session. In class we are always active- singing, marching, or banging a drum.. It's awesome for kids and great for parents too!

Teresa M. 8/20/2107 Let's Make Music School is sooo much fun!! I took my 2 year old and 4 month old to their class and my boys were both so engaged! The class is very nicely structured so the kids get to play instruments, read a story and dance around! The teachers are super upbeat, musically talented and make the class really fun for all ages! We will definitely go back!

Christine F. 8/20/2017 I've been taking my 4 1/2 year old to this class since he was 3 months old! And his 2 year old sister joined him when she was born as well! So needless to say, we love it and it's been a great experience! I would wear my newborn and she would sleep while I danced, sang and played with my son. It was (and still is) our Tuesday routine that we all look forward to. I love that it is a structured class with a theme and each class you know the routine. It is also in a nice multi purpose room at the rec center, so the kids have an enclosed space to enjoy the class and move around. The teachers are great about giving each child their freedom to express themselves but they try to redirect them back to the group activity. It's a nice balance. We'll be there for another 2 years with my daughter, I hope!


  • Both Sharon Mello and Marlys West have received Level III Certification from the Early Childhood Music and Movement Association and have completed Level I and II Orff-Schulwerk training
    See www.ECMMA.org for more information: ECMMA  
  • Highly Trained, Sensitive Teachers
  • Credentialed teachers with college degrees: B.S. in Music Education; B.S. and M.Ed in Education
  • Musikgarten
  • Kindermusik
  • Music Together
  • Orff-Schulwerk, Levels 1 and 2: a common-sense approach to music education that incorporates speech, movement, instruments, drama, improvisation, and is adaptable to ALL levels (depending on the training of the teacher).
  • Let's Make Music School is the longest running, continuous early childhood music and movement class in San Diego County: since 1984
  • A sequenced course of study for children aged birth through elementary school, developing the inner musician in each child, including rhythmic/movement and vocal instruction to develop the total child, create a love and understanding of music and prepare for further musical studies such as keyboard.
  • Teacher-owners: Also have over 28 years experience in private piano instruction in addition to 33 years music and movement teaching and numerous years as public school teachers
  • The most age-appropriate CREATIVE activities
  • The MOST FUN!

    Anytime is a great time for making music and having fun. as we move, sing, play rhythm instruments, and use sign language in a fun, joyful setting. We offer research-based classes for children (up to age 5) and their caregiver, by combining age-appropriate activities that develop language and literacy with creative movement to teach concepts such as balance, coordination and rhythm. Discover the magic of music with your child.

    Why music for very young children?
    Because as you and your child have fun learning new songs,
    exploring instruments and participating in creative movement activities,
    your child is developing language, balance, coordination,
    social and learning skills and much, much more.
    Music and movement activities paired together,
    as part of a research-based curriculum, develop both sides of the brain,
    help with reading and math skills, patterning and impulse control.

    "Music researchers are finding correlations between music making and some of the deepest workings of the human brain.
    Research has linked active music making with increased language discrimination and development,
    math ability, improved school grades, better-adjusted social behavior,
    and improvements in "spatial-temporal reasoning," - a cornerstone for problem solving."
    ~American Music Conference~

    "In the first years of life, the brain is undergoing rapid physical development. Studies show participation in music can influence that process, with ramifications that last a lifetime."
    ~American Music Conference~

    In fact, actively working with musical sounds enhances neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to adapt and change. "A musician's brain selectively enhances information-bearing elements in sound. In a beautiful interrelationship between sensory and cognitive processes, the nervous system makes associations between complex sounds and what they mean," Nina Kraus, lead author of the Nature paper and director of Northwestern's Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory, explained in a statement to the media. "The efficient sound-to-meaning connections are important not only for music but for other aspects of communication."

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